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Funeral Poem Farewell My Friends

Farewell my friend by rabindranath tagore

Farewell My Friends - Rabindranath Tagore

It was beautiful as long as it lasted
The journey of my life.
I have no regrets whatsoever
Save the pain I’ll leave behind.

Those dear hearts who love and care...
And the strings pulling at the heart and soul...
The strong arms that held me up
When my own strength let me down.

At every turning of my life
I came across good friends,
Friends who stood by me,
Even when the time raced me by.

Farewell, farewell, my friends
I smile and bid you goodbye.
No, shed no tears for I need them not
All I need is your smile.

If you feel sad do think of me
For that’s what I’ll like
When you live in the hearts of those you love,
remember then, you never die.

Farewell My Friend - Funeral Poem

This poem by Rabindranath Tagore expresses the narrator's pleasure to his or her friends for their presence and support as well as the narrator's satisfaction with his or her existence. The poetry finishes with the wish that these friends' memories would continue to live on after they are gone. It could be very suitable to read this poem during a friend's memorial.

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