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What is a Sigma Male?

A sigma male is an alpha male who doesn't care about his social status. Sigma males are not concerned with the opinions of others and they don't care what society thinks. They are confident in their own skin, and they don't need to follow the rules.

The sigma male is a rare species that is not appreciated or understood. The alfa male rules the earth, and the sigma male roams in the shadows.

In popular culture, there are many quotes about sigma males. They are often seen as being too sensitive, too emotional, and not masculine enough. Even though they are hard to find and difficult to understand, they have a lot of wisdom to offer.

This section will explore what it means to be a sigma male through quotes from various sources.

Sigma male rules quotes

Sigma Quotes

Don’t show your emotions, 

people will take advantage of it.

If they make you an option,

make them your history

Sigma male quotes

"Train yourself to take nothing personally"

Haters and Dogs Both Bark,

Don’t Take Them Seriously

Everyone Leaves Learn 

How To Survive Alone

Fu*k What They Think

Stop Trying To Rebuild

The Bonds You Didn’t Break,

Fu*k Those People

Putting Yourself

First Isn’t Selfish

It’s Necessary

Stop Looking For

Happiness In The Same

Place You Lost It.

Sigma male quotes

Don’t Get Distracted

By Your Goals.

If They Break You,

Or Cheat You

Don’t Ask “Why”

Just Say “Goodbye”..!

Never Fea r Anyone

Never Trust Anyone

Never Depend On anyone

Never Be Someone’s


They’ll  Leave

If You’re In Trouble

Learn To Enjoy

Your Own Company

Stop Serving “Good Vibes”

To Those Who Deserve

Your “Good Byes”..!

Sigma male quotes

Learn To Be Alone

It'll Make You Stronger

Always Make A Plan

For Your Trouble

Legend Never Flirts With Girl

Legend Focus On Dreams And Goals

If You Are Right, Stand For It

Ages Does Not Matter.

Never Allow Anyone, Disrespect You

Always Think Of 

Yourself First.

You Must Know 

When To act.

Sigma male quotes

Don’t Give A Fu*k To

Over smart People

Don’t Beg For Love !!

The Most Powerful Thing

IS Self Respect

Don’t Lose It For


In Order To Succeed,

We First Believe That

We Can.

Never Fight With Little

Stubborn Kids

You Can’t Rob A Sigma Male

Because HE IS always Broke.

Sigma Quotes for Instagram

Once You Feel Avoided

By Someone, Never 

Disturb Them Again.

Sigma quotes for instagram

If You Are On

The Right Path

Then Keep Going,

God Will Clear Your Path

Nobody Really Cares,

Work Harder.

Kids Have Crushes

Men Have Girlfriends,

Legend Stay Single and

Focus On their Life Goals.

Always Remember,

No Matter

How Much You Love Her 

She Will Choose

A Rich Man To Marry

Never Run For A 

Bus, Train Or Women

Because When One Leaves

Another Arrives !!

Without Pain

You Will Never

Know The Value

Of Anything.

sigma quotes for instagram

If The Plan 

Doesn’t Work 

Change The Plan

But Never The Goal

Don’t Feel Sad if Someone 

Reject’s You

Use That pain as a Motivation

And Become Successful Person

In Life And The Best Revenge

Is Massive Success

Prepare Yourself 

To Leave Alone

Because No One will help You

When You are In A problem

Make Money First,

Fall In Love Later

The Best Revenge 

Is Show Them That

Your Life Is getting Better

After They’re Gone.

Focus On Your Goals,

These Relationships And

Attraction are Waste of Time.

Sigma quotes for instagram

Focus On Making Money

Because At the End

People Leaves But 

Money Don’t

Sigma Male Quotes

I am Single 

Because No one is

Loyal These Days.

Let Them Laugh At You…

They Have No Idea What’s 


If You Enjoy being alone

You Are the strongest one.

Dear Kings and Queens

Don’t Focus On 

Making Money

Focus On Building

An Empire.

At First, No one 

Believed In Me

Now they Can’t Believe

It’s Me

“Always Think of Yourself First”

Sigma quotes for instagram

"Always Hide Your Secret Weapons"

Don’t Try To Impress People,

Always Be Yourself.

Forgets who Forgets you!

Broken women may be powerful 

but a broken man is very dangerous

Two reasons why I don't trust people 

1.I don't know them 

2.I know them

Without self-discipline 

success is impossible

Sigma quotes for instagram

The realest people 

don't have a lot of friends

Your money is a piece of paper 

but your behavior shows 

everything about you!

Most powerful thing is “self respect”

don't lose it for anyone


Life will test you 

not to show your weakness 

but to reveal your strengths

There is no success 

without sacrifice!!

Real friendship never expires.

In a world where you can be anything 

be kind the World needs kindness

sigma quotes for instagram

When you find no one to support you, walk alone. 

God will open doors for you that you never expected !!

With money you can buy a house, but not a home, 

With money you can buy a clock, but not time,

With money you can buy a bad, but not sleep, 

With money you can buy food, but not appetite, 

With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health,

With money you can have insurance, but not safety, 

and this is the problem that we all have 

there are things did you can't buy with material worlds with money.

You are not ugly 

you are just poor…

Sigma Quotes for Instagram

Laugh with many, But don't trust any.

Self-confidence show it in every single moment of your 

life like you are meant to be there.

sigma mindset quotes

Loneliness is a superpower only top 1% can handle.

Time doesn't Heal anything!

It Just teaches us 

How to live with pain!

Act like a fool 

Think like a brilliant

Nobody on earth can 

Ever love you more 

Than your parents

My body wants more sleep but

My pocket wants more money

Never put your key to happiness

In someone else’s pocket.

sigma mindset quotes

You are stronger

than you think

Limits only exist in your mind

Say less, Do more.

Kill them with success and

Bury them with a smile

"I can, I will. End of story"

Whoever is trying to bring you down

Is already below you.

sigma mindset quotes

"Act like you trust people, But don’t."

Working on yourself is not selfish.

If you don’t find a way to make

Money while you sleep, You will

Work until you die.

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Difficulties increase the nearer we approach the goal.

Settings goals is the first step in

Turning the invisible into the visible.

Sigma Bio Captions

Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.

short sigma quotes

You only fail when you stop trying.

Sometimes silence is more

powerful than the words

Change your thoughts and you change the world.

I didn’t change, I just have less people in my heart.

Dreams are motivation but only a few will go get it.

Don’t feel guilty for doing

What is best for you.

short sigma quotes

Nothing is more expensive

then a missed opportunity.

The day you stop racing, is the day you win the race.

I stopped explaining myself, when i realized people

only understand from their level of perception.

Your struggles will be admired only

After you become successful.

"Every master was once a beginner".

Never be embarrass to struggle. There’s absolutely no

shame in working hard to get to where you want to be.

short sigma quotes

Keep winning in private. Not everyone 

want’s to know, what you’re up to.

When god gives you a new begging,

don’t repeat the old mistakes.

You are a fu*king boss.

It's time to enter your true potential.

"In a race of life, what matters is to complete your race".

No one cares about your degree,

when you drive a Lamborghini

You become what you believe.

short sigma quotes

Getting in a relationship nah bro!

I will always prefer to focus on my goals.

"Inner peace is the new success".

I don’t need a weapon,

I am the one.

Don’t compare hard work with luck.

Don’t reply by words, reply by your action…

You can win if you want !!

Be so busy, that you don’t 

Have time to be said.

Sigma Male Rule Quotes

Study Hard, No Matter

How tired you are

No Matter If It Takes Time

No Matter If You Have

To Up All Night

But Remember That

It All Will Be Worth It

Just Be Patient And Keep Going!

Money Is Power

Power Is Everything

Behind Every Successful Man

There Is Women Called "Mother"

Mind: Have a break, you deserve it.

Me: No, stay loyal to your goals.

You are getting

Distracted again

Focus buddy focus!

Behind every successful person

There are a lot of unsuccessful years

Fu*k the past

The future is still in my hand.

The worst feeling is when you

stopped talking to someone

you used to talk every day :)

Get the F*ck up and become the

richest in your whole f*cking bloodline.

The difference between

Weak men & Strong men is

Weak men blame the system

Strong men break the whole system.

Stay single until !!

Someone matches your loyalty.

Let them laugh

At your dreams

They will cry later!!

Job can secure your next months bill's but,

Business can secure your next generation.

I am a good person

with bad attitude!!

Remember brother your father sacrifices

Everything for... your best education,

your better lifestyle, completing your dream

Now it's your time to successfully make him proud.

Don't spoil your goals

Behind holes.

Success isn't easy

If you want it

You have to sacrifice.

You know exactly, what you need to do

Stop pretending like you don't know

Most of you already know

What problems you need to solve in your life

You already know

What direction you want to go in

you just need to do it.

They Slept, I Worked

They Enjoyed, I Struggled

Now they are sad and alone

And I am enjoyed my life!!

God will break you

Break you again and then

Break you once again

but in the end

He will make you Unstoppable.

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