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Nikola Tesla's Top 10 Quotes 

Nikola Tesla's Top 10 Quotes

"I don't Care That
They Stole My Idea. I Care That
They Don't Have Any Of
Their Own."

"Of All Things,
I Liked Books Best."

"The Scientists Of Today Think
Deeply Instead Of Clearly. One Must
Be Sane To Think Clearly, But One
Can Think Deeply And
Be Quite Insane."

"If Your Hate Could
Be Turned Into Electricity,
It Would Light Up The
Whole World."

"Our Virtues And Our Failings
Are Inseparable, Like Force And
Matter. When The Separate,
Man Is No More."

"Life Is And Will Ever
Remain An Equation Incapable Of
Solution, But It Contains Certain
Known Factors."

"We Crave For New Sensations
But Soon Become Indifferent To Them.
The Wonders Of Yesterday Are Today
Common Occurrences."

"What One Man
Calls God, Another call
The Laws Of Physics."

"If You Want To Find
The Secrets Of The Universe, Think
In Terms Of Energy, Frequency
And Vibration."

"The Individual Is
Ephemeral, Races and Nations
Come and Pass Away, But
Man Remains."

Best Nikola Tesla Quotes

"Our Brain Has Very
Sensitive Nerve Cells, Which Allow
Us To Feel The Truth Even When
It Is Not Yet Available."

"Time Will Judge Us."

"Most Persons Are So Absorbed In The
Contemplation Of The Outside World That
They Are Wholly Oblivious To What Is
Passing On Within Themselves."

"Inventors Don't Have Time For Married Life."

"Great Moments Are Born Great Opportunity.

"The Action Of Even
The Smallest Creature Leads
To Changes In The Entire

“As I Review The Events Of
My Past Life I Realize How Subtle
Are The Influences That
Shape Our Destinies."

"We Are All One.
Only Egos, Beliefs, And
Fears Separate Us."

"When Natural Inclination
Develops Into A Passionate Desire,
One Advances Towards His Goal
In Seven-League Boots."

"In Continuous
Loneliness, The Mind Becomes
Sharper And Sharper."

Nikola Tesla Famous Quotes

"Ideas are born in
the absence of influence
on the mind of external

"A new idea
must not be judged by its
immediate results.”

"One's salvation
could only be brought about
through his own efforts."

"To know each other we
must reach beyond the sphere
of our sense perceptions."

"My belief is firm in the law
of compensation. The true rewards
are ever in proportion to the labor
and sacrifices made."

"The hard work
of the future will be
pushing buttons.”

"Intuition is
something that is ahead of
accurate knowledge."

"There is nothing that
could attract human attention
and deserve to be a subject
of study than nature."

"To understand a huge mechanism
of nature, to discover its creative forces,
and to understand its laws - this
is the greatest goal of
the human mind."

"How many people called
me a dreamer, how our deluded
myopic world scoffed at
my ideas."

Nikola Tesla Inspirational Quotes

“I guess I'll keep going until I drop dead."

"The great mystery
of our existence have yet
to be solved, even death
may not be the end.”

"A wise man should
not marry because no one
can serve books and
wife alike."

"The secret to being
creative alone. Ideas are
born in loneliness."

"Avoid sex in old age,
after it comes to kissing,
and then talking."

(A Serbian-American inventor, 1856-1943) 

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