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Who is Erich Maria Remarque?

German author Erich Maria Remarque wrote books. His ground-breaking book 'Im Westen Nichts Neues' which explores the First World War experience of the German troops, became an international bestseller, invented a new literary form, and was made into a movie in 1930. 

Born: 22 June 1898, Osnabrück, Germany

Died: 25 September 1970, Locarno, Switzerland

Erich Maria Remarque Quotes

Erich Maria Remarque's Quotes

"Life did not intend to
make us perfect. Whoever is perfect
belongs in a museum."

"Modesty and conscientiousness
receive their reward only in novels.
In life they are exploited and
then shoved aside."

"To forget is the secret
of eternal youth. One grows old
only through memory. There's
much too little forgetting."

"He who wants to hold on
to that is losing. Those who are
ready to let go with a smile -
are trying to keep him."

“The more primitive
a man is the better he believes
himself to be."

"The first person you think of
in the morning and the last person you
think at night is either the cause of
your happiness or the cause
of your pain."

"Not always sorry for
the one who is wrong. Asking
forgiveness of the one who
values the relations."

"I feel like I am among people
who are going to live forever. At least
that is how they act. They are so
obsessed with money that
they have forgotten
about life."

"Anything you can settle with money is cheap."

"The best way to lose
a woman was to show her a kind
of life that one could offer her
for only a few days."

"You may turn into an
archangel, a fool, or a criminal
no one will see it. But when
a button is missing -
everyone sees that."

"Never do anything
complicated when something simple
will serve as well. It's one of the most
important secrets of living."

“A man only begins
to be valued when he is
no longer there.”

"It is better to die when
I want to live, than to live before
you want to die."

"What you can't get always
seems better than what you have.
This includes the romance and
idiocy of human life."

Erich Maria Remarque Quotes About Love

"If a woman belongs
to another man, she is five times
more desirable than the one
you can easily get."

"Strange how complicated
we can make things just to avoid
showing what we feel!"

"Whatever happens to you,
never take it personally. Nothing
in this world is so important."

"I stood next to her,
listened to her, laughed and thought
how terrible it is to love a woman
and be poor."

"Only if you finally part with
a person, you begin to be truly interested
in everything that concerns him. This
is one of the paradoxes of love."

"It is a mistake
to assume that all people have
the same ability to feel."

"A man is always great
in his intentions. However, not in their
fulfillment. Therein lies his

"There is nothing more
tiring than to attend how a person
demonstrates his mind. In
particular, if there is
no mind."

"A person can become close
to you in three days. And the one who
lives near you for years, may never
know what your favorite
color is."

"Women do not need to
explain anything, you always
have to act with them."

Erich Maria Remarque Quotes About Life

"A woman should not tell
a man that she loves him. Let her shining,
happy eyes speak about this. They are
more eloquent than any words."

"Only a complete idiot
would argue with a woman and
appeal to her logic."

"A lonely person cannot be abandoned."

"Being in love - is when you want to get old
with someone.”

"It's only terrible to have nothing to wait for."

"It is very queer
that the unhappiness of the
world is so often brought
on by small men."

"We are forlorn like
children, and experienced like old men,
we are crude and sorrowful and
superficial - we are lost."

"Bombardment, barrage,
curtain-fire, mines, gas, tanks, machine-guns
hand-grenades - words, words, but they
hold the horror of the world."

"It was a melancholy
secret that reality can arouse desires
but never satisfy them."

"At school nobody ever taught us how to light a cigarette in a storm of rain,
no how a fire could be made with wet wood, nor that it is best to stick a bayonet in the
belly because there it doesn't get
jammed, as it does in the ribs."

"If a woman saves
money on herself, it means that it
makes men want to save
money on her!"

"Our knowledge of life is limited to death."

"Everyone saves someone
at least once. Just as he kills someone
at least once. Even though he
may not know it.”

Erich Maria Remarque Best Quotes

“If a woman is angry
it means she is not only wrong,
but also she knows it."

"No soldier outlives
a thousand chances. But every
soldier believes in chance and
trusts his luck."

"A woman becomes
smarter when she is in love,
whereas a man loses
his mind."

"What comfort there is in the skin of someone you love!"

"Good or ill, life is life,
you only realize that when you
have to risk it."

"Who has many
women - knows women. Who has
one wife - knows love."

"A friend standing
behind is worse than an enemy
standing in front."

"If a man is not married at 30, it means that he has not been forced to get marrie yet. Men don't get married because they
want to get married, but because
women want to get married."

"The things men did or felt they had to do."

"Love should not be polluted with friendship."

"No one could become stranger than the
person you once loved."

"Human beings are
a much worse poison than
schnapps or tobacco."

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