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Quotes About Changing My Life

best motivational quotes on life

"Every pain gives a lesson

and every lesson changes a person"

"The sun watches what i do,

but the moon knows all my secrets".

"Stop telling people more

than they need to know".

"Your potential is endless

go do what you were created to do"

"I See, I Want,

I Grind, I Get".

best motivational quotes on life

"Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does".

"Money can not buy intelligence".

"Hard time will always reveal true friends".

"A year ago everything was so different.

Now i look back and realize that a year

can do a lot to a person".

"Spend more time with yourself

you will like who you are".

"If you do something out of duty

it will deplete you, but if you do

something out of love, it will energize you"

"Focus follow one course until successful"

"Life is too short for arguments

just say ‘I don’t care’ and walk away".

“Concentrate and do it".

"Don’t be so thirsty for opportunity that

you drink from every cup handed to you.

That’s how you get poisoned".

"Don’t just read those success stories,

create one of your own".

“Work like there is someone working

twenty-four hours to take it all away from you.”

New Beginning Quotes About Change in Life

Deep inspirational quotes on life

"Never let the same flame burn you twice".

"I don’t lose, I either win or I learn".

"Every CEO started out as an employee".

"The ability to learn from failures and energe

Stronger is what separates the average from great".

"I don’t trust anyone who’s nice to me

but rude to the  waiter. Because they would

treat me the same way, if i were in that position".

"Never let the outside noise

affect your inner peace".

"Negativity doesn’t deserve your energy".

"Life teaches you more lesson than book".

"Winners don’t make excuses".

Deep inspirational quotes on life

“Blood, Sweat & Respect.

First two you give, last one you earn.”

"I don’t stay mad, eventually I just stop caring".

"All you need is some time for yourself"

"Feed Your Faith

Starve Your Fears"

“The real man puts

his family first and will

protect them until

his last breath.”

Money can’t buy happiness

but it can buy you private jet.

Have you ever seen any one

sad in a private jet?

"The scars you can’t see

are the hardest to heal".

Deep inspirational quotes on life

"Your story will soon change believe God".

“Don’t worry about being successful but

work toward being significant and the 

success will naturally follow".

"Sacrifice a few years of partying

for decades of freedom".

"Do whatever makes you happy,

the days aren’t coming back".

"The gap between the life you could live and

the life you are living is called focus".

"Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1

To Someone Else’s Chapter 20".

"Tough time never last

only tough people do".

"One of my biggest goals is to be rich without

anybody knowing that i am rich".

Life Quotes About Change

Inspirational thoughts about life

"When you are a good person, you

don’t lose people. They lose you".

"A wifey is a women that motivates you

and makes sure you aren’t slipping in life".

"A good women is an investment.

An immature girl is a bill".

"Your boss is never going to pay you enough

to live next door to him. Let that sink in".

"Ambitious people really only have two options

a supportive partner or no partner at all".

"Dear me in 6 months,

I will make you fu*king proud".

"Most women want  a man who is already successful.

But a strong women will be part of his struggle,

survive it, succeed together, and build an empire".

"Invest In your partner. Build each up.

Two hustlers can never lose together".

"Never discourage anyone who continually

make progress, no matter how slow".

'Never beg someone to be in yourlife.

If you text, call, visit and still get ignored,

walk away. It’s called ‘Self Respect’. - (Kneanu Reeves)

"Many people will panic to find a charger

before their phone dies, but won’t panic

to find plan before their dreams dies". - (Elon Musk)

"This week they love you.

Next week they hate you.

Just make sure, you get paid both weeks". - (Conor McbGregor)

Life Quotes About Change and Moving On

Inspirational thoughts about life

"They want to fly First Class,

I want to own the damn plane".

"Bro success bring more happiness,

To be rich without anybody knowing i'm rich".

"No one will care for you

No one will hear your pain

No one will be there to pick you up

Only you have to take it on you,

No one will support you…

Learn to live for yourself".

"Dear Society,

25 is the age to achieve success

and being independent, not to get married".

Inspirational thoughts about life

"You are not ugly,

your bank balance is low".

"Dear Girls,

don’t fall in love, work hard

in a such way that, men

should be waiting in a queue

to marry you".

"Nothing more dangerous than a person 

who healed himself with the help of nobody.

If you can rise up from the sh*t they left you in,

there‘s no mf out, there who can tell you sh*t.

Speaking from experience.

That’s the truth".

"Degree is just a paper

real education is seen in behavior".

"You have to know when to work

and when to have fun".

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