Shocking News: Tori Kelly Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing During Dinner!

Alarming Medical Episode: Tori Kelly Admitted with Blood Clots Encircling Vital Organs Following Collapse during Dinner

Tori Kelly Hospitalized

Songstress Tori Kelly found herself in a distressing medical predicament as she was urgently conveyed to the hospital after encountering severe blood clots.

The unfortunate incident transpired during a dinner engagement in downtown L.A. on Sunday evening, when Kelly sensed an accelerated palpitation in her heart, leading to a subsequent loss of consciousness for an extended period, according to a source disclosed to TMZ. Subsequently, her dinner companions promptly rushed her to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Medical experts investigating the matter revealed the presence of blood clots surrounding the lungs of the acclaimed "Never Alone" vocalist, in addition to their manifestation in her lower extremities. Meanwhile, an earnest effort was being made to determine if these blood clots had extended to the vicinity of the Grammy-winning artist's heart.

As the medical ordeal persisted, Kelly experienced moments of lucidity, alternating with instances of unconsciousness while receiving critical care in Cedars-Sinai's intensive care unit, as reported by TMZ.

The Times has made efforts to obtain a statement from Kelly's representatives regarding the situation.

It remains to be seen whether Kelly's upcoming performance at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood on Friday will be canceled or postponed in light of the recent events.

Renowned as the "Nobody Love" virtuoso, Kelly garnered a nomination for the coveted "Best New Artist" award at the 58th Grammy Awards in 2016. Subsequently, her singles "Never Alone" and gospel album "Hiding Place" earned her prestigious Grammy accolades in 2019. More recently, Kelly's Christmas album, titled "A Tori Kelly Christmas," earned a Grammy nomination in 2022.

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