PM Modi Releases Cheetahs at Kuno National Park on his Birthday

Cheetahs return to India after 70 years, 8 cheetahs are being brought to India

PM Modi Releases Cheetahs at Kuno National Park on his Birthday

Cheetahs will be taken to Kuno Palpur National Park in Madhya Pradesh's Sheopur district, where they will be brought to India on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's better birthday, a plan to reintroduce big cats in India after the country declared Dileep a few decades ago. A special experiment has been carried out, 8 seats will be flown in a special aircraft from the South African city of Namibia to Gwalior, followed by a modified plane that took off from the African country on Friday night to get things done during the journey of about 10 hours. The aircraft landed on Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior Expressway shortly before 8:00 am, a special officer said, after which the cheetahs were picked up in two helicopters in Sheopur district, 165 km from Gwalior. Moved to Palpur near MP, Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, celebrating his 72nd birthday, will leave three cheetahs in the park's quarantine enclosure at 45 minutes at 10:00 am.

One official told about being released that the cheetahs went without food during their journey from Africa to India and would be given food after they were released,

A special platform has been erected in the park, from which cages carrying the cheetahs will be placed and Mr. Narendra Modi will release all three of them into an enclosure using a lever, after the person from the busy team will release the remaining cheetahs in other parts. and told them that these 8 things in which 5 females and 3 cheetahs were brought on a special flight of Terra Avia, an airline based in at Chisinau, Moldova in Europe, which operates chartered passenger and cargo flights.

It is a park situated on the northern side of the Vidhyachal mountains and is spread across 344 sq km.

The team of officers had to deal with heavy rains, bad weather and some must-have roads to complete the preparations to release the big cats in their new home in the kuno of Shri Narendra Modi ji.

Q. How many cheetahs were released into the wild in Madhya Pradesh?

On September 17, as part of ceremonies honouring Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 72nd anniversary, eight African big cats from Namibia were brought into the Kuno-Palpur National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Q. Where are the Cheetahs brought from Namibia?

At Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomes the cheetahs that were imported from Namibia this morning.

Q. Why did Modi release three Cheetahs into India’s National Park?

On September 17, the prime minister's birthday, three of these cheetahs were reintroduced into the park's quarantine cages as part of the cheetah restoration campaign, over than seventy years after the animal disappeared in India.

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